About IKKA


copy-lo_ikka-1-copy.jpgOn September 9, 2012 several senior students of the late Shihan Nardi T Nirwanto SA declared a new Kyokushin karate school IKKA in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, followed by Banten (a neighbouring province of Jakarta)and Bandung, the capital city of West Java. IKKA was founded due to a certain degree of concern that our kyokushin karate organization in Indonesia is not managed well enough to meet their expectation after Shihan Nardi passed away for almost three years.

As a non profit organization, IKKA puts a stress on the importance of character building of young generation in Indonesia. IKO Matsushima to which IKKA affiliate itself, is an International Karate Organization which promotes pluralism, democratism, humanity, and also expects high standard of training from their members, and that really meets the perspective of IKKA .

By training kyokushin karate, you gain self discipline, get mutual respect,enhance your social relationship and increace your physical fitness level. Members especially the young ones are able to have great activities and fun through karate training,by practicing the true meaning of Karate- Do as a way of life.

極真空手 国際空手道連盟 極真会館
International Karate Organization – Kyokushinkaikan


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