On Sunday, December 2, 2012, IKKA has held a joint exercises for Jakarta and Banten in the Dojo Sho Shin, BSD. In this exercise, were given the test results from last quarter were read out, while the division belt exam results.

Sensei  Hadi Sunyoto took the time to communicate vision and mission of the organizations, as well as clarifying the news circulating out the purpose of the establishment seemed to pressure member of Ikka.

On this occasion, he also handed over awards to Sensei Leo AJ Kaligis for his service as a true karateka who spent most of the time, energy and thoughts devoted to coaching. Due to health reasons, Sensei Leo will be absent from school for a while. Hopefully Sensei Leo can quickly recover and get back on helping the organization he loved.

At the end of the exercise we took pictures together,  while enjoying a meal provided by each dojo as a form of their participation in this event together.

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